Saturday, April 16, 2005

flipping the proverbial BITCH SWITCH

Really wanna know how to set me off? Here are a couple of ways:

* Bring 50+ garments to my counter, stand there looking at me like I am a sloth because it is taking so long to de-hanger them, then jump in when there are 3 things left and offer to help.

* Wait until after I have rang up four bags full of items before you decide maybe you got too much and send me to fish out several random pieces that ultimately are at the bottom of the huge bags.

* Enter my lunch break on the computer wrong and then tell me that because I missed it I can no longer have it at all.

* Look right at me while I am doing the closing call over the loudspeaker and turn around and keep shopping. Continue to ignore the second and third calls and when you are finally escorted to the front of the store spend 45 minutes trying to make up your mind on what items you really want to purchase and change method of payment a total of 6, yes I said 6 times.

* OK so it was only 3 times, but it took the same amount of time as 6!

I think I really could go on and on about this topic but I wouldn't want to appear to be a whiner. So next time I will tell all ya'll the things I really like about my job.


Wrote this on my break the other night and thought I'd post it:

I'm Cold

Winter has clung to Spring and left it's chilly hand across my chest

It whispers over the Sun and breaks against my soul stealing away my breath.

Here I am left with little to thaw my frosty past

hungry to find some kind of warmth that lasts.

Flashes of heat have graced my flesh

Burnt sorrow for a moment, but theres always so much left.

I want only to melt into some other place in the world

rather than stay here in this false Spring, a frozen souled girl

Yet I wake each day to the same bit of frost

Holding on to empty shell, a lonely girl lost.

JM 4/15/05...3:47PM

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