Saturday, April 02, 2005

Smokes in the Closet

My Gramma came up for Easter and she brought this pack of Cigarettes with her. They may look familiar to you Kris since they are a pack we stole from your mom back when we were like 11. Gramma found them in her guest room closet where we hid them when you went with me to Cave Junction to visit. They had been there for like 15 years! She blamed them on my sister cuz I was the little angel. Talk about a blast from the past, the moment I saw them I went straight back to that summer. It wasn't too long after that when you moved away from Grove.

Work is going good, though I am getting a bit sick so it sorta sucks to be icky and on your feet all day. But I like my job more now than I did my first week. And I have been given a quasi-promotion already though they technically can't do that for 5 more months. More hours, rarely work on the weekend, and set shifts, are pretty nice.

Car is still not fixed and yes brother in law is doing it for free but I have to pay for the parts. Anyhow I am off to the store and then to get some writing done, more later!

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