Monday, April 25, 2005

damn thing ate it!

I was driving through the clouds last night on my way home from work. The fog was so thick that if my speedometer wasn't working I would have thought I was parked. But it was a nice drive home as it was before 11 o clock at night. I was able to crawl into my neglected bed before midnight for the first time in many days. Then of course I slept in until nearly noon.

I want to thank Storm Rider for granting me the opportunity to pull my hair out in frustration. After he "sang" to me I had to go digging to find my copy of that song because he did successfully get it stuck in my head and I wanted to actually hear it sung with a decent voice (very unlike my own). It took me forever and I tore apart several boxes before I found it. I was elated however when I did find it. So I pop it in the tape deck of my stereo, and sure as shit the damn thing ate the tape! A lot of foul language escaped my innocent lips (HA!) after that. Oh well I will try to splice it later and if that doesn't work I will have to (GASP) download it (legally of course....uh yeah leagally.

Ok now I am off to slip my toes into my chenille socks and scoot on off to be my bosses bitch for the night. Who am I kidding I think I actually like my job but I still think sometimes they treat the associates like in house whipping girls (and a couple boys too). All with a synical little smirk on their faces. Anyway, till tomarrow!

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