Sunday, April 10, 2005

Yeah I am still alive

It was a really long week. Late, late nights and sick days spent in bed hoping to be put out of my misery. I am finally feeling better, though I have a f*&^ed up toe that I am damned near ready to just chop off.

I got off work fairly early Friday night (5 pm)and just came home and saw my family. It is weird that my working at night completely isolated me from my family. When I got home everyone is in bed and when they leave for work I am in bed, dead to the world. That is something I really don't deal with well. I am really close with my family, even those I do not live with I typically talk to my sisters everyday and see all the neices and nephews as regularly as I can. Night hours has put a hamper on that and I am thrilled that I only work 3 nights this week. Oh and did I mention retail sucks! That isn't really fair I really like my job but it can be draining in a completely different way than case management was. If the pay was comperable I think I would choose retail, as long as I could buy lots and lots of comfy shoes. Comfy shoes are a must. That and my heated and massaging foot bath.

I spent today running errands in my newly fixed car. It looks so much better without a huge dent in the fender. and doing maintenence on said car. Oil change, changing the wipers, detailing it and searching for the elusive blown fuse in the fusebox that didn't have a fuse key. Of course it was the last fuse I tried which is more annoying because it isn't exactly easy to get to. I spent an hour pretty much standing on my head to find it.

Anyway I plan to blog hop in the morning to catch up on everyones posts. Hope everyone had a good week. Now pull up a chair and get ready to fill your tummy:

Feast time, though a little late:

Appetizer - What is a symbol that inspires you?

The Creativity Rune Symbol

Creativity Rune

Which can be bought for me Here . Sissy you can point that out to mom okay?! I love Runes and this is my favorite one to pull from the bag.

Soup - Name something (either serious or funny) that has happened in your life that you would consider a miracle.
That I was born to my parents. I couldn't ask for a better set. My Father would sacrifice everything he has for his girls and my mom would bare her nails and go to battle for us at the drop of a hat. They support all three of us completely and have always, ALWAYS, been the rock that grounds not only us but even took in and in a sense adopted our childhood friends and became parents to them as well.

Salad - How do you handle criticism?
If it is delivered constructively, pretty well. Deliver it with even a hint of "asshole" in your voice and you better back up cuz the Bitch switch has been flipped.

Main Course - Complete this sentence: I feel alone when...
...I breathe. Well that sounds extreme, but I am pretty introverted, even though most people wouldn't guess that when they first meet me. I tend to come off as a loud smart ass to new people.

Dessert - Name one TV show you wouldn't want to be caught dead watching.
OK I admit it, when I used to take care of my nephew, I used to really get into those Pokemon episodes. I was enthralled with the redheads ponytail that stuck out of the side of her head. ;)

OH! Everyone should go congradulate Sissy on setting her wedding date! Till tomarrow....buhbye!

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