Friday, March 25, 2005

Where is the pause button?

It's been a GO GO GO kinda week.

Tonight I am working late and tomarrow I am working early, which means I miss most of the Easter get together at my sisters house. We celebrate on Saturday so the people who have to travel can head out early on Sunday. So I am a little bummed, but after 6 on Saturday I don't have to work until Tuesday morning so I have a little bit of play time. I think I deserve that a LOT right now.

I am expecting my Gramma anytime so I can't do a long post but I do have time for two things, one is FF below and the other is a shout out to Storm Rider and his new blog which you can find in my blogroll. It is quite informative...or do I mean graphic? either way check him out if you ain't a prude. wink wink.

And now it's Friday Feast time!

Appetizer - What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
SpiceWorld! I was hijacked by my sister and made to go see it. I am still trying to recover!

Soup - Name something that reminds you of your childhood.
Watermelons and Slip & Slides. The campfire smell and bannanaseat bikes. She-ra, and Voltron. Who am I kidden everything from the 80's sparks nostalgia for me!

Salad - If you had to live in a large city, which one would you want it to be?
I wouldn't want too at all, but if I had to I would say someplace on the West Coast so I could be near my family.

Main Course - What's a "big word" you like to use to impress people? HOLY SHPINOLI impressive?

Dessert - Describe your hairstyle.
Dark Brown, natural red highlights, 2 inches past the shoulders, layered with bangs. Naturally wavey/curly.

Ta fer now kiddies!

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