Sunday, March 13, 2005

BBQ & Friday Feast *UPDATED*

Welp, I had my second interview and I will know by Monday if I got the job. I think it went well but I don't dare speculate and jinx it. So we will see. And you all will know right after I do if I get that call. The damn interview lasted about an hour and a half, an hour of which was just listening to the manager rattle off information that the other manager already rattled off the day before. Oh well I shook my head and smiled like a good girl and was thrilled when I finally escaped back into the sunshine.

Later we had a bar-b-que at the house and had over my sisters, my cousin and his family, my ex brother in law and all of my nieces and nephews, my uncle and our adopted sister. This translates to a bakers dozen of screaming kids and about the same amount of half drunk to drunk adults who are acting like a bunch of screaming kids. My ears are sore today. The above picture is from the fire we were all hanging out around when a big ol ball (the news said possibly metoer) went streaking across the sky . It was apparently huge (I wouldn't know because I was inside at the time) with a long green tail trailing behind it. They covered it on the news but I still haven't seen any footage of it yet.

Okay so it's feast time lads and lasses, even though I am a couple days late:

Appetizer - Where do you go when you want to relax?

The foot of my bed is a big relaxation spot, to just kick back and cuddle the feline and watch a movie in front of the window. I also am a bathtub girl, Bubble baths that last 2 hours with a good book are high on my list of soothing things to do.

Soup - Tell about something that made you laugh this week.

Last night I laughed my ass off, reminicsing with my sisters and friends, we are good at making fun of all the ridiculous crap we did in our younger days.

Salad - What is your favorite texture?

Cool satin is like heaven against skin.

Main Course - If you were to publish your autobiography, what would the first sentence be?

They only thought I was an angel, and I AIN'T sorry 'bout a damn thing!

Dessert - Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, how?

Hello, it is an excuse to pinch bootay's are you kidden?

***At 6:32 PM I found out that I got the job! YAY!***

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