Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is it bedtime yet?

This Photo just makes me feel better, the sun insisted on making her presence felt.

I am wiped out. I got called in to cover an extra shift today in a new and very foreign department and literal sat down for a total of 12 minutes over a 6 1/2 hour timeframe, the rest of the time it was on my feet on cement floors and my legs are feeling it now. My feet are still sore and blistered but that is becoming something I am used too. I suppose the feet problem is that I am just not used to wearing shoes. I run around barefoot everywhere and slip on sandals when I have to go somewhere that barefoot is not OK. Now I have to wear shoes all day and my feet are rebelling. Ah well the sacrifices we make for a paycheck. I'll get over it soon enough though I think there is still some whining left in me, beware. For now I am wiped out and just want to curl up with my kitty and listen to the rain.

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