Thursday, March 10, 2005

Uppers and Downers

It has been an up and down kind of day. First I found out I didn't get my application in in time for one of the jobs I wanted, though they will have another recruitment round in a month. Then I get a call about an interview with one of the jobs I wanted so desperately about a month ago, apparently they are finally hiring. Woo Hoo there!

So Tomarrow I have to drag my lazy butt outta bed before noon and get to up to Eugene for my meeting. Then I try on a skirt that I was sure I wouldn't get into and it fits like a glove. Nice little up there, since it is a really great skirt. Downside? Well that would be that all my nice blouses that would go with the great skirt, are now way too big. I will be glad to get this damn job so I can go shopping for some new clothes.

And then there are some fun comments and those make my day. A little fun in a less then entertaining little city that seems to be even more boring then usual. So I suppose I will get back to my rollercoaster, I am expecting a downturn anytime, but counting on the upturn to follow it shortly.

Now here is one of my favorite peices I have ever written. Not because it has perfect form or meter, because it has niether. But because it came from someplace I rarely am able to tap into.

You make me feel like a bubble of hope exploding at your touch. You fill me up with your whispered affection, just to break me with your callus actions. Ask me now, why I am who I am. No, you did not create me you infected me with your poison. You took my hand and walked me one by one through the steaming pools of your rage, sending ripples of calm across your forked tongue. So ask me again how this disjointed soul learned how to dance without having ever heard the sweet music of happiness. Fear has a melody all it's own. Your fear leaked out and quickly seeped into my greedy veins. You held me at the wrong time, and sheltered me from the rain while I was dying of thirst. Then once again you fill me up with faith, and when I find it false I burst.

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