Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Burnt Things & Thanks

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes.

I used to live in this house with my sister and our cousin. It is the place I lived when a lot of things in my life turned to crap. Now it has burnt down and is being demolished. I don't know if it will be rebuilt or not but I am happy to see it go. There was too much nastiness associated with that house. Seyonara!

Been busy looking for work. This unemployed thing is bogus, it sucks, I drive myself goofy with nothin to do! I am starved for something productive to do. I take pictures and play on the computer and read and write and I can't bring myself to do much more. Blech! Life has to hand me a damn job soon, or I'll end up in a padded room!

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Anonymous said...

Is or was your Dads name Dan? Last thing He did was not fly an airplane very well.