Monday, March 21, 2005

I need a Sugar-Daddy

I want somebody to take care of my every need.

What's wrong with that?

That person does not exist.

That doesn't stop anyone from looking for that elusive being. It just makes the search that much more frustrating. So I have decided that I will sacrifice some of those needs and settle for the guy who will meet all my monatary needs. At least then my feet wouldn't hurt, cuz he would buy me some really comfy shoes to work in.


Well duh!

I can be shallow sometimes. When I can't hold my breath long enough to be deep...

...cuz my feet hurt!

A little levity aside, I really do think it would be awful handy to have a rich guy at my side. Problem there is that most of the really good guys out there who have moolah, are already spoken for, and I have never been accused of being a Jezabel. So I will hafta live with my achey feet. Good thing that bubblebath and hot water are cheap, huh?

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