Wednesday, March 09, 2005

So what's your secret?

Good question. I have had several inquiries lately about how I am losing the weight (77 since August and 37 since January) At first I solely attributed it to the supplement I am taking. But I went off of it for a couple weeks and continued to lose, albeit at a slower pace. Though I know the supplement helps I think the fact that I am just READY to lose weight is the biggest reason I am becoming successful at it. My habits haven't changed at all, though I haven't wanted to eat as much I haven't really been exercising and to top it all off I still drink a ton of soda which we all know is laden with sugar.

I think that the real key to it is that I quit giving a rats ass about what everyone else thought and freed my mind from the hang ups associated with caring about other people's opinions. It feels good!,

On a side note My hair is growing like crazy. It is past the middle of my back and has grown about 4 inches in the past 2 months, YAY! And I recently died it dark again, almost black. That part is taking some getting used to after being a red head for more years than I can remember. Things they are a changin! Cue the David Bowie ch changes!

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