Friday, March 11, 2005

Things appear to have gone well...knock on wood!

So I had my interview. It went well. Well enough that they asked me to go to a second interview tomorrow afternoon. Note AFTERNOON. Yay, I am so not a morning person. The job is an evening job, which again I am supa groovay with, I hate getting up early. I had to take a personality test, which essentially is the applicant assuring the company that they are not a pot head and that they don't steal. And since I am a sweet and innocent little angel I was able to assure them immidiately. It does start out part time but they only hire part time and give full time from within, so there is really no helping that. Another plus is the 20 % employee discount! Hello! Discounts make me happy. Plus it is right close to were my Mom, my sister, and my best friend work, so we can meet up and car pool as necessary.

After my interview I went to lunch with my mom and then went SHOPPING! My wonderfull mommy bought me 2 pair of jeans the FIT, and don't make my butt look droopy because they are too big, and two gauzy shirts, in butter yellow and deep pink, that let the wind in if you know what I mean. I love my mommy! I am rather spoiled.

Now to get ready to go out to pizza! Be good kiddies and don't have too much fun on this balmy Friday night. I'll fill you in on the second interview tomorrow.

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