Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here I am

OK so I never got out to work on my car the other day. It started to rain. I am putting strips on the front and back windows and as well as a couple of decals. Dragons and angular butterflies. Weird combo I know but weird suits me well and they really do look good together. Of course I will have to have an Oregon State Beavers sticker on there too. That should all go really well with my gecko's on the interior. When I get a job that will probably get changed out too. So I am showing you what my humble little car looks like now and I will show you an after picture later.

I am still dealing with this nasty cough, I think it is a chest cold, and starting antibiotics today. I hope they work I am sick of this crud. I don't to still be sick on my birthday, this year it falls on a Saturday and it would be nice to enjoy it! Speaking of birthday I got my first gift. A new DVD player to replace the one that died a couple months ago. I have been watching them on my computer and that is a pain because the computer has no remote. Yes I admit that while I watch movies I become a big ol'lazy ass.

I think I am gonna tinker with my layout again. I have some gorgeous skyscapes that I can use as my main picture. The hardest part will be to figure out which one I want to use. Well I am off to read blogs...tata!

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