Wednesday, September 15, 2004

and the drama continues

I am so pissed off. I just finished typing this long ass entry and my computer spazzes and I lost it! Damnit!

Any way lets see if I can try it again-

So I found out today that my unemployment was being contested by evil ex-bosslady. So insted of going to the agency and throttling her which was my first instinct, I called her "boss" the President of the Board of Directors. He wasn't in so I left a voicemail.

To my surprise he called back an hour later. After our discussion and a two page letter I sent last week I think a good size seed of doubt is germinating in his head. I am so certain she has screwed us ( me and Sissy ) and did something herself.

Anyway he promised to call me back tomarrow and I will hopefully find out more than, but as usually I won't count my chickens quite yet.

I am hell bent to get this crap straightened out. They sh*t in their own messkit when they got rid of us for no reason and then had the nerve to try and deny us unemployment urrrrg!!!!

OK so obviously I find it hard to think about much else right now so I appologize if I am boring.


JaG said...

Just rant, rave, vent and breath again babe! You're not boring, you're honest. At the least!

GrooveTheory said...

Honey that's not boring. You're venting through your blog, and that's what Blogger is here for, FOR REAL! Boring is my last post. I'm still not over it :)

Anyway, I've been resuscitating my old post and here's a good one that I hope would cheer you up.

Jessica said...

Thanks guys!

Smiley said...

Venting is good. Better here than on a person.