Saturday, September 25, 2004

Eh? What's that you say?

I just spent 4 excrutiating hours with two little boys that could put Mariah to shame. There was an OSU game and My sister her husband and their 4 kids and my other niece showed up with my sister's classmate and her boyfriend and their son. I do not think a single one of the bunch has a clue what an average NON-eardrum shattering octave sounds like. And the two boys running around screaming like micro Mariah's. Ouch to the ears. Of course whenever there was a big play it was accompanied by whooping and whistling. Then the three teenage girls had me shuffling through my gigantic CD collection making lists for mix CD's and playing ten seconds of songs they weren't sure if they wanted for two hours straight. Needless to say I am desperate for my happy ( translate: QUIET ) place.

But on a positive note it remided me of some of the great music I have that I have not listened to in a coons age. Music that I love and now I think I will spend my sunday curled up in front of my computer working on my book with my stereo next to me listening to music. Good music is a powerful muse and that I am in dire need of at the moment.

No word yet from the attorney, hopefully soon though.


Banilla's Honey said...

Haa Haa why do you think I stayed home and went to sleep!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like children, but that is something I cannot stand about them! I'm surprised dogs don't come running from far and wide when they hear a kid's high-pitched scream :)

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