Friday, September 17, 2004

I am so proud!

My Niece just cheered in her first football game. I am not proud that she is a cheerleader, though yes that is good too, I am most proud that her shy kinda chicken self went through with it and didn't run and hide. She is REALLY shy! And she was very nervous about getting thrown around in the air. But she did it! I am such a proud auntie. I love my nieces and nephews. And she is really turning into an accomplished young lady. She used to kind of slack off at school and now she is pulling in solid grades, she has really been sticking with this cheerleading endeavor and has even done really well with my driving lessons with her. (shhh don't tell she isn't really old enough for that yet but I am giving her a headstart since it's a stick shift and all)

*beams a little more*

Her younger sister is also a pretty kick ass soccer player, who apparently beats her opponents to shreds. And her little brother is a first class hellion. ;)But I love him he is and always will be my BubbyBoy, my Birthday present (he was born on my B-day) and the one who liked me best when I was taking care of them while their mom worked (he could wrap me around his finger)

My other sisters oldest daughter is the biggest cuddlebug known to man, her younger sister can throw a one liner perdy darn well, her youngest sister is a walking talking fish (don't ask) and their baby brother is a real scene stealer.

They are all great kids. It makes me feel old that some of them are already turning into great young adults!

It's finally cooling off outside, it has been pretty muggy so now I feel like I can breathe again.

I never heard back from the Prez. of the BOD today. I guess that means I will be making a phone call tomorrow huh? TTFN ;)


miss macy said...

congrats on your's nice to see people conquer their "demons" right before your eyes!!

Smiley said...

My niece is a teenager now. Which totally terrifies me. But then again she has two little brothers age 11, and 10 that remind me alot of me. They will woop about anyone that messes with my niece.
Then again my niece started playing hockey with me at age 3 she is pretty tough.

Bret said...

Its cooling off here in Michigan as well...I hate it LOL
thats kewl about yer niece...Oh i enabled comments on my blog as well ..take care Jess