Monday, September 06, 2004

here I am in other words...

gutter flower

i didn’t need to see the gutter
to understand its depths
i checked it out anyway
that’s all there was to do
look me over
there’s not much to see
a bored girl in a still world
wanting to change her point of view
a girl who asked herself
how much can it hurt
to taste a bit of grime
how much can she break
to feel a little bit misplaced
to fall a little out of time
but i can’t say i know the truth
it eludes my jumbled mind
i couldn’t have guessed
when i sauntered into the gutter
all the beauty i would find
what has risen back from the dirt
is a clear enough integrity
to color the skies of the blind
i’d rather claw my way back
from those depths
then to fall from above
and never have had to try
to never know the value of a smile
because i never had to cry
if i had to choose
between the hope of naiveté
and the sadness of the moon
in it’s final hours
i’d blossom beside my kindred souls
born from grit, i’d choose not to be a rose
but to be a gutter flower

jessica mitchell 081103

***The rhyme is a tad off, but my best stuff doesn't rhyme at all. and this is far from my best stuff. it just seems the most immediately appropriate.***


GrooveTheory said...

That was beautiful! Poems doesn't need to be rhyming you know. Yours has the poetic flow. It's perfect!

Bret said...

very nice

miss macy said...

That poem is very favorite line is: to never know the value of a smile because I never had to cry

That's a great poem.

I'm sorry you are feeling down and lost, but you are talented and smart and I know you will land on your feet and figure out where you want to go.