Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wish me luck

I applied for a job today. I really want it. Its just a mile or so away from my house at our local college. And it is perfect for my skill set. So wish me luck K? Oh come on Perdy please?

Not much going on around here. I had another baby hamster be born and it's gramma, shithead, die. Poor thing she was one of my favorites because she was so tiny. B wants to name the new baby, and I usually let her name all of them but last time she named twin girls Rufus and Carl, so I told her I would think about it.

I think I have decided on going back to work over going to school. I just don't see how I would make it on financial aid alone. Plus I don't want anything else I would have to pay back. Paying things back sucks, and it makes you poor. No fun.

Well I better get to bed I have to take a friend to the DR. at the ass crack of dawn. But I am not used to going to bed this early so I guess I will break out the Nyquil and try to induce sleep, I know I know I am SUCH a druggie! ;) Ta~


Oni said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog... well I am doing a corresponding course in Comicbook Pencilling which is basically drawing.... thats the answer to your query....

Anonymous said...

GOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking about paying back.. ARGH.. I got my bills today, and I had a totally heart-shattered experience.