Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I think my plan is solid

So I have a plan. I am going to spend the rest of this week doing only what I want to do. I deserve that. This was supposed to be my vacation after all.

I am going to organize my room Cleen Sweep style. Go through everything and have a garage sale and use the money I make to fix it up all snazzay like.

I am going to finish reading my book. It's a goodie "treasure box" by Orson Scott Card.

I am going to give Mrs. Kitty a bath.

I am going to get out all of my poems and read through every single one of them.

I am going to draw.

I am going to Paint.

I am going to bead myself and Mom and sis 1 & 2 and all the nieces a necklace and bracelet set.

I am going to scan old pictures and send them out to old friends.

I am going to write at least two Chapters of Broken Blade.

I am going to walk at least 5 miles a day on the treadmill even if it is too hot.

I am going to write my Gramma a letter.

I am going to take the camera out and take a ton of pictures.

I am going to color a picture in my old smurf coloring book.

I am going to put on wild make-up and go to the supermarket in my pajamas.

I am going to hook up the old Atari and play Frogger

I am going to paint Mrs. Kitty's nails

and I am going to go to the school and play on the swingset.

I think that covers it. I think though that maybe I would need 3 weeks for all of that. I also thought about taking the kids out for a photo scavenger hunt...but that means letting them fight over my camera....hmmmm maybe....or no.

After I am sated with the fun and goofy things I want to do, I will buckle down and do the things I have to do:

Write a ten page piece for school

Get a lawyer for wrongful termination suit

get a new know nothing too awfully important.

Ok so I decided to post this b/c it is how I am feeling today:

where i haven’t been

solace isn’t easy
it serves the afraid
it’s safe
solace is a home for broken souls
who don’t have the courage to heal
i haven’t seen solace
only caught a taste of it’s fading presence
drifting off the ruin in its wake
solace comes from giving in
settling for something less
than everything
it’s a fear of failure
solace is a place of placid beauty
nothing stirs the currents beneath its glassy surface
it reflects an illusion
a fa├žade to the eyes
it’s a lie
hiding away
putting unrest to sleep
waking nothing in it’s absence
i haven’t seen those shores
i haven’t sampled that sky
i haven’t succumbed to ease
nor have i fought for what i seek
a storm waiting to break

(c) jessicamitchell 070903

*I for got to add balance my checkbook to that NEED to do list. Ack! I am SKEEEEEREEED!


Anonymous said...

Good plan, but add to it, going to IM with Kris, at least once, because she is going through withdrawal, especially with the trip coming up and me coming to visist, and you need to put scan the pictures on the top of your list, because I want to be able to post what a dumb butt I looked like back then, an dI want to show bart.


Smiley said...

That sounds like quite a list. I'll warn you that the whole swinging thing isn't as easy as it used to be. It's actually quite a workout. That and if you fall out backwards, it hurts like hell.

Banilla's Honey said...

ya sure your gonna get all that done ;), if you feel like adding to it there is always my house.