Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I am tired. So much going on, most of which I don't think is very interesting. I can't decide where I want to be right now but no matter what my "choice" is, it isn't were I am now. Why is it that I always have to prove Murphy's Law right? Murphy was a bastard. Anyway it's late so I will delve deeper tomarrow, that is if my computer allows it, she has been a fickle bitch lately and likes to kick me off whenever she pleases. Maybe I need to dump a bunch of mp3's and give her some room to breath. Yeah maybe that's it.


Smiley said...

I know the feeling. Murphy likes to kick me in the nuts at least once a week.

miss macy said...

murphy is a bastard.....and computers can be fickle bitches....hope you feel better!!

Banilla's Honey said...

You know we will have our own sweet revenge!!!!! I may seem sweet and quiet (haa haa), but I have been a plottin.:P