Friday, September 10, 2004

I don't know

Sad things happen all the time but they never stop to explain themselves. That bothers me. I want an explanation. I deserve one. Life shouldn't have the right to smack you upside the head without so much as whispering a sweet nothing in your ear. Happy things always happen with clear and specific reasons attached to them. I wish it were the other way around, I would rather be blindly happy than blindly suffer. But I don't make the rules do I? I just meander through every day by believing that someday I will be able to at least affect my own fate, even if I am only deluding myself. Which I do often. Hmmph. Case in point, Lifes A Bitch. Though I sometimes think it is more of a heartless vindictive bitch.

Don't ask what prompted that because I don't know. It just came out, and now it's there and out of me and I feel better for it.

I have a headache. Someone hit me, they must've, headaches don't feel like your head will implode. Well OK they do, but I would rather think someone beat me up than believe my own body is revolting against me.

Anyway I am still working on the template. I couldn't find one that I was particularly drawn to, so I am coding one myself, so that will take me another day or so to finish. Wish me luck. It is the first template I have done this way. Ta.

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