Saturday, September 18, 2004


This is what I felt like posting today, in an effort to understand myself I took a little stroll...


i tumbled into quiet
he tried to drive me mad
i danced up close to silence
she seared me with her brand
i offered forth my emptiness
to be filled with love and need
it was returned quickly
overflowing with broken dreams

i stumbled on

i happened upon circumstance
she was too busy to be seen
i tripped over a bit of passion
and he caused my soul to bleed
i handed over my loneliness
to be exchanged for a little pride
it was merely given back
with a basket-full of lies

i stumbled on

i ran into a wall of bitterness
he knocked me to the ground
i grabbed a hold of vengeance
she threw me right back down
i begged them to trade my confusion
for an ounce of honesty
both claimed my distortion
but gave back only greed

i stumbled on

i caught a glimpse of solace
he was too quick to catch
i wandered up to surrender
she offered me her hand
she promised me security
if i compromised my needs
i whispered back
I'm sorry but my beliefs help me to breathe

i stumbled on

i encountered rejection
he was conspiring with regret
both seemed to seek me
feeding on neglect
thats when faith sauntered up
and introduced me to respect
who gently gave the gift i sought
in the blissful form of rest

i arrived

(C) jessica mitchell


Wayne said...


I always admire people who can compose great thoughtful poems.

I'm not much of a poet... My poem would be more like...

I stumbled.

I stumbled on some poo.
And some gum.
And some more gum.

Damn, I stumbled.

GrooveTheory said...

Another masterpiece! I always love your poems. It almost sounds like a good song. Thanks for that!

redhairblueface said...

Why don't you go straight down to the hot place to visit the horned one?

Jessica said...

Wow Red Hair you really want me to come by your place?