Saturday, January 15, 2005

Cheese anyone?

I just discovered that my cat is addicted to cheese. I discovered this as I tried to have a bit of cheese for a snack this afternoon. I left it on my desk while I went to do something in another room and got distracted. When I came back a while later the cheese was gone. I thought I had eaten it and forgotten. Well I just found her stash underneath the blanket in her bed. Most had been eaten but she was saving a good solid bit of it for later. When I picked it up she jumped up into her bed, looked at me and whined until I put it back down, then she sat on it. How nice. This could be a serious issue for me as dairy products make a certain feline a bit gassy I wonder if I should send her to live with Chicken I am sure there is plenty O' cheese there! *wink wink* Naw I love my furkid, even if she does attack my tootsies during the best dreams and insist on placing her fuzzy little butt smack dab between my face and the book I am trying to read. I just may need to invest in a good gas mask.

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