Saturday, January 01, 2005

So this is 2005 huh?

I didn't do much last night, I was still tired ( rephrase: am still tired) so I just watched the countdown specials, channel surfing style and kept my toes warm until I saw in the new year and then I crashed. At least I crashed as best I could with a psychotic feline thrashing about my feet everytime someone set off fireworks or shot off their guns. This morning when I called my sister she informed me that my sweet and innocent niece had the police called on her. Apparently they (the kids) were playing "rock tag" last night and a rock hit a neighbors house. Though it only hit the siding the neighbors still called the police on them. Leave it to B, she is always the one to get caught.

As far as the new year and how I feel about it:

The most pronounced impression I am personally taking from 2004 is that I wasted another year.

I need to get my happy butt in gear this year and make some things happen, for my own sanity. I sorta fell into a rut for the last couple of months and didn't even attept to lift myself out of it, I hope to change that this year. We'll see.

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