Sunday, January 02, 2005

Puppies on the way

I spent the day helping my sister move into their new place. Wait that isn't true, I sat on my ass and watched while the guys moved stuff and the girls kicked back. Isn't that the way it is supposed to go? Well in any case I probably would have helped if I wasn't so freaking sore. I wake up every morning feeling like I went 12 rounds with a boxer, and said boxer thoroughly kicked my ass. They (the leg cramps) seem to be easing up a bit finally but they still suck, a lot.

My sister has two really cute boxers, a mommy and her daughter. Dana the mommy is about to be a mommy again and with them just moving she appears to be fighting going into labor because she is in a foriegn place. Does anyone know how long a dog can do that for? She is huge I swear I think she is gonna have another litter of 12, or even more. Here they are:

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That is Sienna on the Right and Dana on the left, You can't really tell how big Dana is because she is sitting, but the poor dog looks like she might expload. Dana looks petrified in this pic. I think I would too at the prospect of spitting out a bunch of babies. Sienna is only 6-7 months old and she is already taller than her mother. They are really cute dogs and they are full blooded Boxers. Anyway Just curious if anyone knew if a dog could force herself to NOT go into labor, because it appears to be what she is doing, she is a couple days over the 63 day gestation period. ????

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