Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stupid Browser *updated*

Well Blogger is back to normal or at least as normal as it ever gets. Turns out my bigger problem is something to do with my MSN browser. It's displaying everything HUGE. I have checked and re-checked my resolution settings. When I go in through Mozilla everything is fine but I am not really set up to use Mozilla. All my bookmarks and everything are set up in the MSN browser. It is super irritating!

Anyhoo, I officially apply for the job tomorrow with some really great references from people who already work there. It isn't a perfect match for my skill set but I am confident that I can do the job easily. So I will let ya'll know what becomes of it.

It is pretty warm around here in the 50's and 60's and I hate it. I want Winter back, I want snow, I want to be able to wear thermal socks by the fireplace. Hrmph!

Well I am off to try and figure out this browser issue, wish me luck.

Well I got it fixed. The problem was fixed when I restored my computer to a previous setting. That of course means theat either Mozilla or shockwave caused it because those were the only new installations and I didn't have any corrupt files or viruses. I am so happy to get it fixed, now I can go read my blogroll!

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