Sunday, January 23, 2005

Movies Movie Movies

Ok so I am bored and thought I would tell ya what movies graced my screen this weekend. I never got to Forgotten but I am sure I will find time sometime this week to watch it.
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Great movie especially if you are a Cole Hauser fan, which I have been every since he playedImage Hosted by The Image HostingBenny in Dazed and Confused though it seemed a bit short and predictable at times. I could forgive that because of the other times when what you thought would happen didn't happen after all.

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Ok this was all that I expected it to be...very question is this, why does having short hair make you bad ass? Why is that the first thing woman do in movies to make themselves all ass kicky? Her shorter haircut looked terrible to me!

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Image Hosted by The Image HostingChris Evans, that is all I have to say! Isn't he just edible? Ok eye candy aside, this was a far better movie then I thought it would be. I origonally saw it at the theater and was impressed then. But upon a second viewing it really was a good movie about a guy who answers his cell phone and gets pulled into a kidnapping plot. Did I mention Chris Evans? TeeHee!

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I watched the new Stephen King movie Riding the Bullet tonight on USA. I didn't really like it. It was really shifty, but for what seemed like no reason. But it did have Jonathan Jackson and David Arquette in it which made me think it might be good if a little off the beaten path. It seemed a little thrown together I think. I dunno, I am not to inclined to ever watch it again. Anyway Ta Ta fer Now!

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