Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Long Day...

...and a Laughter Filled Night

First and foremost thank you for everyones comments, they are nice and I am not quite so grumpy anymore. Thanks for your concern.

I spent most of the day at a couples house cleaning up their old computer and setting up their new one as well as installing a ton of software and showing them how to use it. The chair I sat in was VERY uncomfortable for a tall person, so I am very achey now. Then I came back to Cottage Grove and ran all my so exciting errands. Checked the P.O. box, got gas, bought cat food, and did my banking. Ohh fun! Came home and cleaned the kitchen. Finally got online to see what was up in my email and webpages. Discovered that the last post I made on my Family page, which was entitled "Lets play Remember when..." had several responses. So I have sat here playing tag with my Aunts and cousins etc. seeing who can post the funniest memory! This is what I set up this page for, I am having a blast! Here is an example of a post:

Oh no now my belly hurts from laughing, especially at Billy. Same camping trip you remember how Erica Pat Bill and Mel rowed across the lake and couldn't get back? I remember Grampa sitting in his lawn chair with the binocculars chuckling (you know how he chuckled) at them! We were watching a video of that campout a little while ago. It was really weird to see everyone has changed so much, as referance Megan looked like she was between one and two years old. Erica nad Beckie were wearing neon outfits and Julie still had her really thick glasses.
Hey Marie remember New Years and the fabulous dancing and puking duo? HEHEHEHE!
Lynn and Uncle Mike what do you suppose was in that 7 layer dip anyway?
Don't feel bad Aunt Deb Lynn puts allspice on eggs and makes green hashbrowns.
Aunt Steph remember going to go kick some butt in a leg cast with a towel on your head?
I didn't experiance it but I remember Erica and Mel telling about listening to Wilson Phillips the whole way to the big camp out with Uncle Tom.
OK Beckie Erica just told me to tell you that the next time you need to run from the police jump off a bridge into the blackberry bushes.
All for now, this is a blast guys, keep it coming!
I love nostalgia. I am a firm believer that good memories can heal the wicked. Maybe there is hope for me yet!

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