Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday Drive

I got up late again this morning, but it is Saturday so that's OK. I had to run some errands for my sister and mom so I took off around noon and when I got done doing what I needed to I decided to go for a drive. It was real windy and overcast for most of the time but I did get a few good pictures. I posted them on my photoblog . Check 'em out if your interested. I got a few nice ones of some of our gorgeous old buildings here in Grove. I drove up to the old swimming hole at Dorena Lake and was surprised at how low the water was. It always amazes me when I see the lakes in the winter the differance between that and Summer. I might see about taking a drive towards Cottage Grove Lake tomarrow and seeing where the waterline is. It's fun to walk the lake bed and see what you can find. All the things people drop in the water when the level is high. You find more fishing tackle then anything though.

I drug out a bunch of old photos today and plan to spend a couple hours tomarrow scanning and organizing them. The only problem with doing that is I always end up losing track of time and going at it all day. How obvious is it that I love pictures?

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