Tuesday, January 11, 2005

these things are terrible *updated*

I told you all about my sisters dog, Dana, and how she had her pups. Well we thought that she only had 7 pups, and I had said that I found that odd because of how big she was and that she had so many more the last time.

Well last night she started to sieze and my sister had to take her to the vet. Apparently she didn't deliver all of the pups and one or more died inside her. And now she is being poisoned by them. They have given her a 40% chance to make it. She is a really good dog and my sister is a mess. I am really hoping that she'll pull through and get back home to take care of her babies soon.

Aparently there were no dead pups inside her after all. Turns out she pushed so hard during delivery that she ruptured her uterus. They are still waiting for her to stabilize so they can take her into surgery.

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