Tuesday, January 25, 2005

forgiveness and trolls

I think I made it sound like I am not a forgiving person in the previous post. But I am. It's just a couple of really big things I have had a hard time letting go of. There were a couple HUGE events in my life, mostly related to each other that left me a little weary of forgiveness. I opened myself up to my cousin and she burned me even though I was completely supportive of her, I supported her financially and emotionally for months. And in the end she stole from me, caused me to loose my home, ruined my credit, and spread lies about me to other members of my family. She became this huge rock between me and a lot of the rest of my family. It took my Grandmothers death to allow that hurt to loosen up a little with in me. It's still there, but now I can live with it. Most any other thing I can forgive, but smacking someone in the face who has held you up and taken you in, that was a little harder to accept for me.

I am all bummed out about some of my favorite bloggers considering walking away from their blogs. And even more bummed about trolls who leave nasty comments on blogs just to be nasty. And what is up with them doing it anonymously? To me that seems a little chicken shit. If you are gonna say something, especially something mean spirited and hurtful, you should leave your name. Makes me wonder why they have to hide behind anonymity. Probably because they are throwing stones at glass houses. Or because they can't take what they dole out themselves. Just irks me.

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