Friday, December 31, 2004


It is only 5:40 and there are already fireworks going off in the neighborhood. My cat has taken several chunks out of my legs in her attempt to scare them to get away from the loud noises. Of course this is nothing compared to her antics on Independence Day. The 5th of July is usually a day spent bandaging wounds on my ankles. One day I will learn to wear boots or something.

I have always loved New Years Eve, but this year I am just too tired to celebrate too enthusiastically. I am just wiped out. I haven't been getting any sleep because I am getting wicked leg cramps at night and end up pacing the house instead of sleeping. And I have never been the type who could sleep during the day, though I can lounge and doze a little, I am still tired. I would rather curl up and watch some movies than party. Besides it just doesn't seem like it should be the end of the year already. I dunno what I'll do yet, though I do have a couple of posts I have been planning on, so maybe I will type those up. In anycase I will let you know tomarrow or later tonight.

As for everyone else....HAPPY NEW YEAR...Have fun, Stay safe, and tell me all about it tomarrow!

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