Friday, December 17, 2004

Addictions, cravings, and a big fat feast

I think I am addicted. To the big black comfy chair in our living room. It is huge and fluffy and it heats up and massages too. If I recline in it I am a goner for the rest of the day. Take the chenielle blanket and my cat in it with me and I am afraid I would never get out of it!

I am craving Cinnimon Rolls now thanks to Kris and her posts about making her grandmas rolls. But there is no good place to get them around here without driving all the way up to Eugene, and I am not exactly a whiz in the kitchen so I have to suffer. *pout*

OK feast time:


Friday Feast


What is something that never fails to grab your attention?

Music and books. If there is a music section in a store that I am in, I hafta check it out, same for bookstores, if I am anywhere near one I am soon to be inside drooling. But more than anything I suppose I am the cat queen, whenever I see cat anything I beg for it. Also Celestial stuff and Tarot decks . Tarot cards have some gorgeous illustrations on them. I have a small Collection of decks I would like to see grow.


Who was the last person who gave you money, and what was it for?

Um my mother, we were doing Christmas cards together and she wanted me to run downtown and get us each a fountain drink.


If you were a Smurf, what would your name be?

Probably NEEDY Smurf or Bitchy Smurf according to my family. I'd like to think it would be Creative Smurf, but that is a matter of perspective I suppose.

Main Course

Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?

I would have to say yes to a degree. Because I don't know how else my Pisces Profile could be so accurate. And believe it or not a lot of times (not nearly all the time though) my horoscope is relatively close to accurate.


Have you seen any snow this year yet? What's the weather like today in your area?

No. Not yet. *sticking out lower lip* But it is cold as all get out and there has been a little in the foothills, so I am hoping it will come soon!

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