Monday, December 13, 2004

She calls them Trolls

Happy Anniversary to my sister. Her and my brother in law got married on Friday the 13th, 2 years ago. What a day to pick to get married on huh?

I found out I will be an Auntie again today, my friend M just found out she was pregnant with her third baby. That means now I have 2 friends pregnant. One who was on the pill and hadn't planned to get pregnant again for a while (M). And one who has tried several times to get pregnant, even has gotten pregnant more than once and lost the babies, and is now finally carrying her baby beyond the first trimester, and who is desperate for a child now (K). I wish K would have had M's luck as far as ease of becoming pregnant. But more than that I hope she has a problem free pregnancy from now until she delivers her child.

Right now though she is having a problem that is truely pissing me off. She keeps a blog of her own and writes some really detailed accounts of how she feels and what she does. Things about her pregnancy, her marriage, and any troubles she is experiancing. And her reward for writing thought provoking views on her life is some REALLY mean jerk who just thrashes her up oneside and down the other over nearly every post she writes. He gets really nasty. Of course I bitch him out as much as I can but I can't help but wonder how much she can take of his utter bastardness before she quits writing. People like that piss me off. What good does it serve to bring someone down that you don't even know? Why are some people just worthless?

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