Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm don't run away!

HeeHee I am sitting here at my new computer. I am online again, I was jonesen hard. It just isn't the same using someone else's computer for a couple minutes here and there. I gotta get used to a totally different keyboard now though, but hey it could be way worse I suppose. I just have to keep checking my spelling for extra keystrokes.

I have been sick for the past several days as I mentioned in the post that Blogger somehow deleted on me. A great big ol' miss-mesh of ickies! I had being sick, I become the biggest whiner known to man and I never have the medicine on hand that I think I want to have. If I have a cough I have sinus medicine and vice versa. Then I have suddenly been battling fierce bouts of leg cramps every night. No clue why but they are really intense. I have done the salt tablet thing and the banana before bed thing. I have been taking HOT baths before bed and have been drinking about 30 glasses of water a day, which of course means I am pissin like a racehorse every 20 minutes. TMI I know.

So now I have the new machine I have to go through and install my programs and try and figure out which disks have which documents on them. That will be a bit of a chore. I also have been out taking pictures and will post how pretty our house is all decorated and sparkly!

On another note I have a question maybe someone can answer for me. I am burning my Dad some audio books for Christmas and have hit a snag; they are too long to put on one CD. Does anyone know how to break up a single audio file into several smaller ones? He wants Harry Potter 5 on CD and I managed to download it but I can't figure out how to get it onto more than one CD so he can play them while he is driving. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well now I am off to go catch up reading everyone's pages! G-night!

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