Thursday, December 30, 2004


New Year new layout. What do you think? I loved this picture I took a while back and decided to use it as my new starting point.This is the street I live on and I think the haze of the early sun makes for a good analogy of the future; you can't see it clearly, you have some sort of an idea of what will come but you can't quite bring it into focus.

I plan to make a lot of changes over the next couple of months, changes for the better, I only hope that this year I am better prepared to stick with my resolutions. I am 25 years old, knocking closely on 26 and I feel like I haven't done a damn thing with myself.

So I WILL finish writing this book
I WILL find a job that I LOVE
I WILL get into better shape
I WILL save some money to pay for the things I want
And I WILL pay off my debts (or at least make a good start)

It seems like a really small list. Lets see how my resolve holds out this year huh.

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