Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's friday feast time ladies and gents...


Using only 5 words, describe how 2004 went for you.

An out of control rollercoaster


Name something you did in 2004 that you'll probably never do again.

Work in Social Services. It is to draining. And not the best profession for anyone who is laden with empathy.


What did you learn about yourself in 2004?

That I count on things too much. I get my hopes up and suffer disappointment when my plans do not achieve fruition. That and I trust too much in people I do not know yet.

Main Course

What notable news event from 2004 will stand out most in your memory?

The Tsunami is first and formost in my mind, but the election will probably by a prominent occassion in my memory.


Name something you purchased in 2004 that you really, really like.

My car, I like my Sonata, though it wouldn't have been my first choice it definately has grown on me. Especially since it goes when I want it to. ;)

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