Saturday, December 11, 2004

because I am in a weird mood....

Past forgot

i have remembered how to forget what has come before,

the darkness and the light that shaded the space,

the anger and the hope that filled it,

the shattered soul that emerged today begining void of past

and free to become on its own.

lost behind is a frozen place that i was afraid to see,

and a heart that was blind to all but what it wanted to hide.

i have forgotten the wet grass between bare toes

and the lips kissed by rain,

i have tucked away the sorrow as the sun came from behind the clouds

and ruined a fragile moment with its intrusion,

i have closed the door on promises made and broken in the same breath,

on plans failed before they could be made.

i have remembered what it means to be naive,

the ease that comes with not knowing,

how you don't have to hurt over something that never touched you.

i have remembered how to forget,

i just haven't found it within me to act on the memory.

JM (C) 2003

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