Tuesday, December 14, 2004

CDS and more CDS they are everywhere!

SO I got the new computer and all and now have the lovely task of trying to retrieve what I need off of disks. I have gone through at least 50 disks already and have barely put a dent in the stack. Of course that is what comes from being a download queen who is obsessed with music, screensavers, games and programs. What is funny is that all the screensavers, games and programs rarely get used once I download them, they just take up space. So eventually I back them up onto disk and they just sit there, worthless. So most of theses disks are filled with music data files, a shitload of graphics, and a bunch of junk! But I still insist on going through all of them because one might contain even one photo that I took myself, or one piece of writing I backed up. It is taking forever!!!

My original goal was to find as much of my book as I could so I wouldn't have to re-type a whole bunch of it. I have found one version of it that would mean I need to re-type 60 or so pages. Ugg I hate typing things that way, coping things is boring I want to be typing things I have never typed before! Well I am off to tackle the next disk, G~night!

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