Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Where did all the sound go?

It is finally quiet around here again. I hafta say that is nice. I do love having everyone around but I am also one of those people who crave silence...no high pitched giggles from the kids and no bunch of people each talking louder than the other trying to ensure that they are heard. And now New Years is coming and I can honestly say I don't really want to party too hard. My sister is moving into her new place that weekend so our attention will be elsewhere anyway. I do however intend to hold said sister to her word of making me manicotti for new years dinner.

I have so many little tasks I want to do and I just can't motivate myself to get them done. I need to re-enter a ton of addresses and other info into my Palm that will be tedious. I have to go through my books and get the ones I don't intend to use anytime soon ready for storage, or sale, that will also take forever because I have loads of books. I want to get at least 7 bracelets made, that shouldn't take too long but it does give a person a good handcramp to do more than 3 at a sitting. And most importantly I need to re-type those 60 pages of Blade that I lost when the computer went kaput, and then get back to work on it. I especially need to do that before my dad takes back his offer to edit it for me. Oh and I want to work a little more with my guitar. There are a lot of other things too, but I don't even want to think about those.

Tomarrow I am going to look for another gift for my mom that I was unable to get before Christmas because paydays fell all out of whack, hopefully I will be able to locate at least one of the 2004 Holiday Barbie that she said she wanted to start a collection with. If I can't find that I suppose it will be another Snowbaby for her collection. I hate shopping. But I'll get over it. ~Night all!

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