Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I don't like Grinches very much

I have been doing Christmas Cards all day. I am still not done. Maybe halfway. Most of the time is spent tracking down addresses. When my Laptop crashed I lost my Palm too. So while doing Christmas Cards I am trying to re-enter all my Palm info as well. I have a huge family and that is a fair daunting task.

I was reading Sheila and she was talking about those people who fail to exude the Christmas Spirit. And I got to thinking that so far I have yet to experiance one of the Grinches this year. And then I thought how fortunate that made me. But then I thought again and realized that the real reason wasn't fortune at all, it was because I haven't done any Christmas Shopping yet. Now I am filled with dread at the prospect of going out to look for gifts because it will ruin my Grinchless season. I wish I could just shop online but all that Shipping and Handling really does add up.

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