Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Christmas is coming way too fast for me. It feels like Halloween was just a couple weeks ago. I wish this time of year lasted twice as long. I love everything about winter. Especially Winter in Oregon. There is a crispness that just makes everything feel clean and fresh. The cold makes you want to snuggle down with a great big down blanket some hot chocolate, your favorite kitty and a good long book. In the mornings everything just sparkles, from the lawn to the windchimes everything shines with frost and looks like a great big world of diamonds. It gives you a reason to wear your comfy clothes like fleece sweaters and chenille socks, and running all over town in your slippers. Of course when it isn't Winter I go everywhere barefoot. Anyway I guess I just wish winter could stick around a bit longer then it does, we are all always in to much of a rush to ever really enjoy it properly.

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