Thursday, December 09, 2004

My wishlist

K so here is my Christmas wish list. I am always getting asked what I want for Christmas so I decided to list the things that I really want.

1. a AA Battery charger, for my Camera, I go through tons of batteries using that thing!

2. Buffy Season 7 (I also need season 2,4,5,& 6)

3. This specific DVD recorder to replace the one that would replace the one my dad took apart and was unable to get back together again.

4. The book "A girl and 5 brave horses" though I have never been able to find a copy myself. It is the Autobigraphy of Sonora Webster, the lady the movie "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" was based on.

5. Camcorder

6. Digital pad and pen

7. a Nuetral toned poncho Chenielle preferably

8. Desk Chair

9. Kodak EASYSHARE DX7590 Zoom Digital Camera

10. Skin so Soft body wash I love the smell of this stuff!

11. Rachel Hale anything, well any of her cat stuff, she is an amazing animal photographer!

12. I am also a big Happy Bunny fan and like just about any of that stuff ( I am a big kid I know)

You can also find my Amazon wishlist on the right, I devour books so they are always welcom! ;)

Well that is about it. On another note, is my page Christmasy enough? Gnight!

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