Sunday, December 12, 2004

Almost done....

Well today was spent finishing up Christmas cards and got the tree up and covered with lights but the ornaments will have to wait until tomorrow. Yesterday I rode around delivering Christmas cards to the family that live locally. It took four hours out of the day. I didn't feel much like doing it because I didn't and still don't feel spectacular. But my dad was going around so I hitched a ride with him. Of course his idea of fun is driving the back way to everywhere. Nothing like a 20 minute trip turning into an hour long one because instead of driving on the freeway you drive over the mountain. I probably could have fallen asleep except that he was blaring his Trans Siberian Orchestra CD the whole way. I think my ears are still throbbing. Though I must say that they do the best rendition of Carol of the Bells I have ever heard.

The rain is due back starting tomorrow and I can already feel the chill coming on after a couple days of warmth hovering around 50 degrees. I can't wait for it to snow and I think we may see some white before Christmas, at least I hope so. Tomorrow I will post a picture of a fully trimmed tree for your approval. ~Night!

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