Saturday, December 25, 2004


All the Year Through

The sun rises, as does the moon at dusk,

the days go from short to long and back again

we wake and we sleep and we dream

We begin we advance and we end

we work, we play, and we rest

We seek happiness and good fortune

we feel love and hate and compassion

The season's change, the air goes from crisp to warm to hot.

Holidays are celebrated with loved ones near and far,

be it in the flesh or only in the heart

All the year through.

We age in a world where things are moving so fast that we rarely slow down to enjoy our blessings. We grow in a time when the clocks tick off hours instead of seconds, many of which are spent on the run instead of in the comfort of our homes. We Love at a point in history when we've become accustomed to expressing that love at one season of the year. That saddens me, though I am guilty of it myself. I want everyone to know that I love them, not just now, but All the year through.

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