Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

So I stayed in and handed out candy, so that I could see all of the kids, which I accomplished with one exception. My oldest niece never made it over. All the other nieces and nephews and "family" kids from my families large group of "adopted" friends. Scratch that, the best friend never came by with her two little ones never showed up either. Oh well hopefully they took their own pictures and will share them with their Auntie.

We all sat around all day watching a Halloween movie marathon, from Halloween 1 all the way up to Freddy vs Jason. Ohhh so much fun! I think the highlight of my day was when I made a trip up to Walmart to get candy which we had procrastinated on buying. I swear it is ridiculous the price of candy around Halloween! Spent $25 on candy, but ended up with a bunch of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups left over. Which actually saddens me as I will be tempted to eat them. So anyway I will post pics later! Hope you all had more fun than I did.

On another note, here is my ONEWORD submission for the word cover...

my eyes are open to the starkness that lies about yours. they see what is frightening you before you do and aren't attempting to run, they will face what comes with you and only sometimes cover themselves

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