Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Gotta Love Luggage Racks

Ok so since life is boring at the moment, time for another story. Like I said in the last post there is just not a whole heck of a lot to do in my rinky dink town. So E, M, BB and myself decide to go for a drive in a car we had rented to go to a concert in Portland. It was a big round station wagon type car that we thought looked like a spaceship. We had the car for one more day and decided to go out and act stupid in it.

We are good at acting stupid I might add. Anyway we take the car up Razor Road, which is a windy road about 15 minutes out of town that goes up hill for about 5 miles. Once we get to the top of the hill and spin cookies a little and get the rental car good and dirty. That is what bored people do around here. At least when they don't have any adult beverages.

So we get bored with muddin and decided to head back into town. M decided that since there didn't seem to be much in the way of traffic up the hill she wanted to ride down on the roof of the car. So she climbed up and we started slowly down the hill. Very slowly. So it took three times as long as usual to travel one mile.

After a little while we are chattin in the car, E in the front and BB and myself in the backseat. E and I get into a storytellin session and BB keeps giggling next to me. I asked him what was so funny, he says oh nothin He can be weird so I figure he is probably just getting the joke someone told a couple hours ago or something. And go back to gabbin with E.

We speed up little by little as we go until eventually we are going the normal speed off of the hill and probably a little faster since it was so dead and there was no one coming up the hill.

BB keeps giggling and E and I keep chatting. As we approach the stop sign at the bottom of the hill E and I suddenly remember our external passenger at the very last moment and E slams on the brakes...HARD.

We hear a thud thud thud across the top of the roof and M's legs appear on the windshield. After the dust settles and a couple more moments of silence we hear M say Whoa, and then a couple more silent seconds and she a rollercoaster...and B breaks out in a full on belly laugh. (seems he hadn't forgot about her like E and I had and he thought it was pretty funny that we had)

M climbs down real slow and shows us her hands which had these long rectangular indentations on them from her holding on to the luggage rack so tightly. The marks finally disappeared about a week later and about a year later she mentioned doing it again but no one had a car with a rack on it.

B giggled all the way home. Of course knowing him he was probably stoned. So much fun and stupidity. I wonder if we hadn't remembered her how long she could have hung on. Heh, I can still picture her sitting up the like granny on Nat'l Lampoons. :)

By the way I am working on those picture meme requests guys I will try to get them up tomorrow. Ta~

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