Sunday, October 10, 2004

For those who are interested.

So nearly two years ago I submitted a couple of entries to a book called For This I Am Grateful compiled by Everyday Wisdom Press The night before Gramma died I recieved my contributers copy of the book. I actually had forgotten what my entries were and thought that after so much time I had not made it into the book. Obviously both of my entries did. Each was a simple short sentance the first:

Having the courage to remember my blessings before they have forgotten me. On Page 81


For having the ability to forgive even when I have not forgotten. On Page 133.

I have also submitted to their two new books also and encourage anyone who has something to say on the theme of,

Because of you, Mom
Because of you, Dad
should go to Everyday Wisdom Press and submit. You absolutely do not have to be a writer to contribute.


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Jessica said...

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