Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Use your video cameras

I watched a video tonight that my gramma recorded, it had footage from a big camping trip that the whole family made it to on Crescent lake. That is a feat, you see she did have 13 kids. It was recorded in 1991 so I would have been 11 years old. And THANKS mom for allowing me ever to have that hairstyle! (she says dripping with sarcasm) Anyway it was weird because I hadn't seen it in so long and it also had my grandpa on it who died several years ago. That was one of my favorite memories, that camping trip, and we all looked so young.

Then the tape goes on to another bit a month or so later and I wasn't there, It was just my Gma and Gpa and three of their sons and their wives and such. Anyway my Uncle sat and recorded my Gma and Gpa telling stories about their kids when they were little. Like when Uncle T fell in the outhouse (ewwww). It was nice just to watch my Grandparents sit there and tell stories, even if I couldn't hear everything they said thanks to Uncle A. laughen his ass off in the background.

Then it skipped forward again to when we all got together to help paint gma and gpa's house on sweetlane before they moved in. In the background you can hear Taylor Dayne blasting in the background and the kids all playing out in the front yard. Lots of closeups of Gramma.

And the final stop on the trip down memory lane is Easter on Sweetlane. My niece K was maybe 1 and a half, and a complete ham. A lot of this part of the tape is me taking K around and my cousin Kev taking around my little cousin Meg around the big back yard looking for eggs. There is one part where I go to pick up little K to race across the (wet) yard for an egg, and almost face surf across the grass, but being so graceful (hah!) I catch myself.

But the Easter part also has footage of two other family members that are now gone. My Grandpa P. who actually looked like he was having a grand old time. (he usually didn't seem to have a lot of fun) and my cousin C, who was killed in a car accident a few years ago.

It just makes me wish we used our cameras more to document all the great things we do together as a family, so we can remember them more vividly when we aren't all around anymore.

It makes me feel good about things to remember such things and have pictures to work along with my memories

Then I think of that jerk they had on Court TV today who killed the puppy and I wanna puke! They should have kicked that f***er till he died.

Than I wiggle my toes and remember that I am wearing my chenille socks and am able to find bliss again.

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