Saturday, October 30, 2004

Myth vs. Reality

One of the following really happened, which do you think it is?

1. Once while I was taking a bath my roommate busted in to use the restroom. As I sat their reading my book and enjoying the hot bubbly water, I forget I have company until I hear "Oh My God! So much shit just fell out of my ass!" that accompanied by a gawd awful smell. I learned to lock the door when a bathe.

2. While trying to push start my friends car, I accidentally got my duster (long jacket) stuck in the door. When he gave it gas and started to drive down his gravel driveway, he ended up dragging me down to the bottom of the hill. At the bottom of the hill the jackass finally looked in his side mirror and got out to help me up. It took a week to get all the grit and tiny rocks out from under my skin.

3. One summer while I was staying down at my Grandma's she took me and my sister to the public pool to cool off. We had been swimming for a while when I had an itch on my back I asked my sister to scratch. She obliged far more readily than I expected as she enjoyed tormenting me. It was about ten minutes later that I realized she had untied my suit and I was flashing my pre-pubescent tata's at the entire pool. When gramma found out about it she made my sister sit home with Grandpa watching Jeopardy re-runs for the rest of the week.

So which do you think really happened?

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